Developer workstation with intented scalability

Here is the current design , but I started with a i7 3770k Asus Thunderbolt design. As I continued I opted for more RAM & dual GPU.

I still have an unused crt, but included dual 23s in the system budget.
Approximate Purchase Date: e.g.: this week (the closer the better) : 01/24/2013
Budget Range: Before shipping @ $3500.00 After shipping: $3800

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Data warehouse Dev implementation with MSSQL 12,08, 05, Oracle & SAP & analysis Programming With VS 2012 & Java EE
CS6 photo, audio & video rendering
Statisica 10 /Excel number crunching/ PowerPivoting
Video Streaming

Are you buying a monitor: Yes, Not in budget, but most likely Acer dual 23's after system is brought Parts to Upgrade: All new

Do you need to buy OS: Not if Win 7 ultimate upgrade to Win 8 Pro is still vaild.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Amazon, Newegg, Local Frys & PC Outlet

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Parts Preferences: i7 3930K cpu
2011 ASUS motherboard with esata SDD(changed). I started planning with the ASUS 1155 Thunderbolt supported by the i7 3770k Zalman CNPS12X CPU Fan, really rather drop it in & not worry about mainteanance until it fails or next OS. NZXT Guardian Black SECC Steel Chassis ATX Mid TowerCase 921RB-BLUE Full 64 GB RAM

Overclocking: Not necessary

SLI or Crossfire: Open to suggestions Your Monitor Resolution: 1280x1024 is fine

And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading: XP is runing perfectly fine, but I want to utilize VS 2012 on an up to date OS
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  1. Looks like a gaming rig to me :). Is there a reason for going with two gaming graphics cards?
  2. I want that flexibility.
  3. you see a 10 sec decrease in CPU based tasks such as rendering from going from a i7 3770k to a i7 3930k. you must do a lot of work to make the difference worth the price

    as for the GPUs, there are things that you can do. you could get yourself 670s or you can get a quadro k5000. geforce cards will perform better in CS6 operations compared to their workstation counterparts such as the quadro 4000. but then when you do Graphical rendering, the quadro cards just smoke them. so i would need some clarification before suggesting GPUs

    there is also no reason to get more than 32gb even for very intensive rendering tasks. anything more, you are either running a server or you are dedicating half that memory to become a ramdisk for some serious scratch disk speeds

    do you really need 6 tb of storage? or a 500gb SSD? the 1200w psu is pretty overkill as well

    chose a smaller case, a much better motherboard, professional monitors, and a cheaper blu-ray burner (do you even use blu-rays?)

    no GPU provided. i will give a recommendation after
  4. Thanks. I’m willing to meet in the middle of the road regarding the GPUs. The goal is to ensure optimization for VS code compilations & graphical rendering. I did see the full 64 GB of RAM providing scratch disk space. But if 32 GB is sufficient, thanks again.

    Initially, I wanted to use the SSD as a boot disk, but then CS6 optimization came into consideration. I went with 2 large HDs for multi-platform DB partitioning & growth and large media files.

    I did have my heart set on the NZXT Guardian case. Why did you suggest that particular board?

    What’s Blu-ray, j/k. I vowed not to invest in B-R until I was ready to buy a PS3 (2-for-1 thinking). But I figured this is time to toss one in the budget.
  5. if you are to use 64gb, you should be partitioning half of that for a ramdisk

    you should be fine with a 240/256gb SSD for your software. the rest goes on the hard drive

    better power delivery and has 4way SLI capability (although you arent going to fill them all up)

    well you did have a blu-ray drive in your build so yeah

    id suggest a quadro card for your usage then
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