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First sorry for my Bad English :)))

Here is my problem , my graphics card sometimes Cool And Sometime Hot idle @ 70c
But sometime when i boot its only 39c then after some minutes 5 minutes something it will hang and after i restart my GPU temp become 70c again @ idle

sometimes its much cooler when playing games stable @ 70c to 75c Full Load much stable than idle because my idle gpu temp not stable it goes up and down :D 70c jump to 77c jump to 80c then go back to 69 or 70c something like that not doing anything. no programs open

I also try changing fan speed using MSI afterburner @ 100% but no change nothing happens
I clean the gpu fan applying new thermal paste(i clean it well)

So i try to experment on graphics card i almost max the core clock and memory clock and my GPU temps is still 70 to 75c nothing happens but the overclocking works my fps increase

what do you think is the problem this is really weird ><!!

Graphics Card - Nvdia Gt220
Stock Cooler..
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  1. GT 220 should run maximum by 75c.The temps should gradually increase and then remains stable at peak load.
    I think there is some kind of voltage problem in your system(sudden rise and then fall of voltage).Set the graphic card,mother board bios,processor and Ram at factory settings.Remove all unwanted and unnesessory applications.Open the cabinet and clean for any dust inside.Refit all the cables and hardwares.

    If still you experience the problem than change the PSU.Some times the failing PSU can lead to these problems.

    Check for any other wierd symptoms and let us know.
  2. The Voltage Of my Graphics Card is 1.1v sometimes and 0.9v check in Gpu-z The VDCC is that abnormal voltage ?
  3. Mine is also 1.1v and remains same all the time.i think voltage fluctuation is your problem.Act on it immediately before it blows off your system.
  4. i have the same problem.. im using hd 7870. the first 2 minutes i on my pc my gpu is at 35 C but after that it goes until 72 C (yes 72 C without open any games)!!

    when i play far cry 3 my gpu temp drops to 66 C. i tried everyting update driver, clean gpu fan. then i thought maybe it's windows aero problem. so i switched theme but still wont change..

    Help me pls! T.T
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