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Hey Everyone,

I get these weird small black rectangle box artifacts when browsing around my desktop. I can play BF3/Swtor/Tribes and I don't get artifacts but when I browse around and click and type, I get weird black boxes that flash around. Any ideas what could be causing this problem? My graphics card is a XFX Radeon 7870. I'm plugged into my 4 year old 1080p insignia lcd television.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


Edit: I have also overclocked my cpu (but I don't think they cause artifacts) but it's stable under 12 hours of prime 95. I ran my graphics card under a furmark test and there are no artifacts either. Also, when I print screen and paste the image in paint, the artifacts do not appear in the image....
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  1. I managed to get a screen of one of the artifacts after all. It's on the bottom right. These flash around sometimes, particularly on white screens. But it doesn't happen all the time...

    Link to image:
  2. Just thought I'd write that I found a solution on another forum and the issue has been resolved. The problem was that at idle clocks (300/150) there was not enough speed for 2d tasking. Increasing the idle clocks to (300/400) appears to have resolved the artifacting issue.
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