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So I was having some issues with crashes when playing WOW, after upgrading my PSU and GPU to a 7950. I finally got the game to stop crashing after i figured out the latest drivers were causing issues specifically with WOW. I just installed old drivers and the game stopped crashing, everything runs great at over 100fps.

However once I started using the old drivers, every time I start up my computer, a window pops up called "AMD Accelerated video trans coding device initialization" I have absolutely no idea what this is or what it means.....

It just scrolls down hundreds of times saying "WARNING: linking two modules of different data layouts" every 20 lines or so it gives a percentage, and then another window pops up over it saying: "kdbsync.exe has stopped working"

Here is a screenshot: http://imageshack.us/f/402/forumxw.jpg/

What the heck does this mean? Whats causing this problem? Everything seems to be running great on my computer when I play games....
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  1. Nobody knows what this means?
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