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Hey how's it going guys, I hope everyone had a great holiday :D I just have a quick question concerning temperature. My CPU, GPU and all my other temperatures are perfectly okay but my case or system temperature runs around 40c is that bad at all for my motherboard or other components?
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  1. it is not bad no, as long as your gpu and cpu are fine then you should be fine, what are those temperatures by the way... also if you are worried then install some more fans
  2. my gpu temp is around 28c at idle and around 60 full load, and my cpu is around 23c idle and around 36 load
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    yeah your absolutelely fine just if it worries you then get a few more fans and be done with it your temps are great :D
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  5. thanks for the response and the helpful info :D
  6. no problem :D
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