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so eventually I was thinking of getting a new case for a new look from my haf 912 and better cooling/lower noise

if there is any case you recommend that has a lot of airflow and has good room for new fans tehn please recommend them
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  1. HAF is one of the best if not THE best for cooling.
    Change all the fans to 200x200 and it will be dead silent.
  2. Fractal Design Define R4 is a very sleek case and has no messy stuff. Also very silent and has won a few awards on TH http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/lian-li-pc-b12-nanoxia-deep-silence-1-silverstone-ft-02s-usb3,3378-17.html Very good case if you are into that slick sort of look.
  3. yeah that looks like a nice case and ill look into it but i like that kind of boxy look that has color etc and is out of the ordinary stuff
  4. yeah money is no problem im not buying it now and will save up for a while before this upgrade because its no needed right now my haf912 is cooling just fine I just want it to look better :P

    also i like
    the look of the white case, does it have a lot of nice features? I dont care about the swappable drive bays just like cool lighting and lots of areas to add fans
  5. A Cool Master Storm Trooper should do the trick. It has about 6 fans,alot of space,cable management and in your case a sleek design.
  6. oh yeah and i want to add a nice big water cooling eventually for my cpu
  7. that is a very nice case and i think i may get that one, though do you think i can fit a very nice water cooling system for my cpu?
  8. Try the Cooler Master Storm Sniper if you don't think the scout will be big enough. I have it and it's very large and roomy. I don't have a water-cooling setup, but it's definitely got the room.
  9. well the one im almost sold for which is the storm stryker is a full tower case and i guess supports 2 rad water cooling which i guess is good(though im a noob with waster cooling) and i really like the design
  10. Corsair 800D?
  11. ill look into that
  12. HAF X or Corsair 800D.

    Otherwise... if all you care about is spending a lot of money on an over-priced case that you don't need:

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