Weired Fps drop on good pc

ON games like minecraft my fps is great 300+ (no mods) but I somtimes get unsomothness
Core 17 3770k 3.4 ghz
Gtx 670
8gb patriot 1666
2tb HDD
1680-1050 screen
60 frefresh Any ides?
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  1. Try to monitor the heat of your hardware, something might be running hot or try to enable vsync, it will make your fps steady at the cost of a small amount of fps.
  2. My temps are fine I sue HW Moniter and there all below 60c
  3. Im guessing its hard drive.... do things smooth out once all the chunks have stopped loading? What make and model is your HDD?
  4. Enable adaptive VSync in Nvidia control panel. It should help smooth out the game.
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