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7850 2gb in Eyefinity

Hey there, I have a question that I've been unable to find an answer to for ages.

Will a Radeon 7850 2gb edition be able to run eyefinity smoothly? I don't care about it being pretty, if I want max settings I can play on one screen, but will it run eyefinity at 60+ fps regardless of settings? I'm looking at the card because it's only 180 bucks. Unless another card in that price range will do it better.

Thanks :)
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  1. Yes it will run windows and other apps well on eyfinity but don't expect to do heavy gaming on it.
  2. What resolution monitors?

    It'll be fine at low settings for most games I would think, especially if its 5760x1080.
  3. define heavy? even on minimum settings?
  4. you can play games in eyefinity with hd 7850 with medium settings with playable fps:)
  5. It'll end up being 5760x1080, but to start it'll probably be 3 1366x768s
    I wanna be able to play games on eyefinity, I don't give a *** about how low the settings have to be, as long as it runs smoothly with no hiccups.
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    eyefinity with 3 square lcd @ 1280x1024 (3840x1024) will fit..

    at 2560x1600, with 7850, any games still playable with medium/high setting ..
    3840x1024 and 2560x1600 give same amount load to graphic card ..
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