12.6 legacy installed on 4670 agp HIS RADEON Win-8

The question concerns the patch. Which files need to be patched in the folder

C: \ AMD \ AMD_Catalyst_12.6_Legacy_Win8 \ Packages \ Drivers \ Display \ W8_INF.

The vendor ID of the AGP card isPCI \ VEN_1002 & DEV_9495 & SUBSYS_00281002 & REV_00 \ 4 & 26E5F5CD & 0 & 0008

The driver in default, does not recognize the card.
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  1. You need the AGP hotfix driver, not the normal driver and not the legacy driver.
  2. No hot fix for Windows 8 is exists. Installation of the old drivers only possible in Win-7 compatibility mode. Therefore, I wanted to patch the legacy.
  3. Don't fix it if it ain't broken.
  4. There are reasons to use this driver. I've read, that someone has adapted the normal Catalyst AGP 12.6 for his graphic card 4550 AGP. Therefore, the question of the adaptation of the legacy.

    Windows 8 starts dmw.exe to slow. Windows Metro Sreen is to see after 20 seconds. The last startup program after 2 minutes. Reason, dmw.exe. It is just only adding the vendor ID.
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