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Hey guys,

So im gonna be building my first computer and im not overly sure about the build ive selected.

I want to have a good gaming computer that can handle latest games on fairly high settings without starting to lag/burn (as my laptop does)

When selecting my components, ive been going for both the highest reviewed components at reasonably low prices, but im not sure how well things go together, ive just been relying on the website to detect compatibility issues.

So would someone who is better than i am, have a look over the build ive selected so far and tell me if i should edit some points whether it be to make it cheaper or give me better performance (I dont mind paying a little extra for a noticable difference)

just follow the link;

Thanks everyone :)
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  1. Get a better gpu, you don't need that mobo for that cpu, get this :

    or if you want to oc the cpu :
  2. djangoringo said:
    Get a better gpu, you don't need that mobo for that cpu, get this :

    or if you want to oc the cpu :

    I think that OC is a bit advance for me at this point, ill do a successful build before touching that, thanks for the suggestion anyway.
    And for the first one I don't need the CPU cooler? (I do apologize if this is a newbie question :P)

    Thanks a lot.
  3. If your not going to OC, the stock cooler that comes with your CPU will be adequate.

    I also like djangoringo's suggestion to upgrade to the GTX670 - In my opinion that is the best bang for buck card that nVidia currently offers.
  4. Thanks for your replys, you've helped a lot.

    Do you think that ill be able to play demanding games on near max graphics with this final set up then?

    Thanks again!
  5. Any of those two have the 670 gtx + i5 ivybridge, if you don't want to oc or don't know how to, get the first link build, if not get the second one.
    It will run any game @1080p maxout with good fps.
  6. Get a better gpu, you don't need that mobo for that cpu, get this :

    or if you want to oc the cpu :[/quotemsg

    In concerns to the second link, I live in the USA and I couldn't find a provider for the hard drive. (The Samsung Spinpoint F4 2TB 3.5" 5400RPM Internal Hard Drive) do you think you could suggest a similar hard drive?
  7. Hi everyone,

    A bit of an update,
    Ive been offered this computer for £100, (MOBO and PSU in custom at the bottom as they weren't on partpicker)

    I would like to know if it is worth buying this and then just upgrading it to the standard which I want, and I'll just sell anything I dont want.

    Extra info: Just 2GB of RAM and reason why it is so cheap is because it keeps crashing (Mouse pointer wont move or anything, suggestions as to why this is happening will be greatly appreciated)

    Thanks alot.
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