I just built a computer, how can i transfer my windows 7?

i just built a new computer and I have the windows 7 iso image on another computer, how can i transfer it to my new computer?? i have a dvd and a portable HDD
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  1. According to the Window 7 license, you can't. It will transfer to your new build but won't activate if you used a different MB.
  2. If it is a retail license and not OEM you can transfer the license.
  3. Is there an easy way to know which license you have, like a code in the product key?
  4. did you buy the actual win 7 product that came with the cd's? or did it come preloaded on your laptop or desktop?
  5. no i torrented the windows 7, i dont have the legit code with the product key
  6. Tom's Hardware doesn't support piracy.Sorry!
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