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Dell XPS 8300. 460w PSU. Will it handle a GTX 660 Ti?

Hey guys. I have a dell XPS 8300 that came with a HD6770. Being that I am into the latest games, I am planning to upgrade the gpu this week with probably the MSI PE 660 Ti. The minimum PSU requirement is 450w. Mine is rated 460w, and has 2 six-pin connectors so I should be fine there. What I am worried about though is these gpus are overclocked from the factory. I haven't quite decided on the maker I'm going with yet. MSI or possibly EVGA(FTW model).

Will the PSU handle this card at least until I can upgrade the power supply to say 650w or so? I have no intentions of running SLI, don't even think the dell mobo supports it. I can probably upgrade the PSU within the next month or two tops. I've also heard that the dell psus are actually pretty decent and are under-rated in wattage(although I don't know if I should believe that). If it'll be fine for the time being until I upgrade the power supply, let me know so I can pull the trigger on the new card!

Thanks all.
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  2. That is awesome then. Will purchase from newegg today then. Just have to decide which company to go with, but I am leading towards the MSI PE(the one guru3d tested) heavily at this point. It just seems really nice all around, and I love how cool they stay with the twin frozr configuration. The ASUS Direct CU II Top is also an option but slightly more expensive. I thought about EVGA but I really don't like their reference like design with the single small fan. Plus both the MSI and ASUS have faster clocks from factory, and I don't plan on overclocking the card any further than what they push it too...simply because I know I am skirting what is acceptable as far as the psu rating.. but if they are saying 300 or so wattage is full system load, I do have a slight bit more headroom than I was expecting. We'll see.

    Thanks for a timely answer.
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