7970 & 7970 GHz - Crossfire

Good afternoon,

Is it possible to Crossfire a 7970 with a 7970 GHz?

I guess you can Crossfire two of any of the same model.
... But does it work with different GPU's? (So to the extreme a 6000 series Crossed with a 7000 series?)

I just wanted to find out how Crossfire works.
Any and all information is helpful.

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  1. Yes it's possible to crossfire a HD 7970 and a HD 7970 GHZ Edition but crossfiring cards with different GPU's just doesn't work.

    Well... actually it does but i doubt you'll be interested in either hybrid crossfire (APU + External Graphics card ) or Lucid Hydra.
  2. Ah sweet. I never saw that on their site. Was too used to ATI's old site.
    Okay, that's quite interesting 'hybrid' Crossfire. Hmmm. So with another AMD GPU I just need that little bridge thingy a couple of inches big.

    Thank you.
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