I have a 300w power supply in my pc... will i need to buy a bigger wattage power supply to install any decent graphics card :o
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  1. Depends on what you call decent. The most powerful card that will work on your power supply unit is the HD 7750. It will be able to play most games at 1920x1080 at medium-high settings. Anything more powerful will need a new power supply unit.
  2. ^more like medium low. at 40 fps-50 fps
  3. samuelspark said:
    ^more like medium low. at 40 fps-50 fps

    True that.

    Ideally you'd need a 500w+ for anything like a GTX 550 ti or more, and i'd call a 550 ti bottom of the 'decent' graphics cards.
  4. im not planning on gaming hard core i just want a decent computer that can handle most things :)
  5. Well for starters, what are your current specs? and your budget?
  6. Ok Im using
    i3 3120
    XigmaTek Dark Knight - Night Hawk Edition SD128.
    Im using the ASUS P8H61-MX mother board
    4GB RAM and
    intel graphics
    300w power supply
    probably around £50 or £60
  7. Isn't an i3 3120 a mobile chip?
    But anyway with such a small budget you cant do much, if you had £100 you could do more. Basically with a graphics card upgrade you'd need a new power supply - I'd recommend this one:

    As for a graphics card, the best one you'll get cheap will be a Radeon HD 6670, for around £60.
    You won't be able to get another graphics card without a better power supply.
    An upgrade to 8gb ram would be ideal now too as some games use 5gb+
  8. *** I mean 2120 lol
    Ok thanks and i cant really spend a lot because m purchasin 16gigs of ram
  9. overclockchoc said:
    *** I mean 2120 lol
    Ok thanks and i cant really spend a lot because m purchasin 16gigs of ram

    Oh right ;) Don't buy 16gb of ram. For lower end gaming the most you will need is 8gb - 16gb would be a waste of money, link me to the 16gb you're buying
  10. Should link the model of your 300W PSU.

    I have a 300W bronze PSU and a GTX 660, working just fine.
  11. i make gaming videos so i always be rendering videos thats the reason im thinking of that.

    thats what im thinking of but not for a while until i have the money
  12. Wow that's some cheap shiz :O actually yea what is your psu brand? If you make gaming videos you want a decent graphics card like a 550 ti or better, a 6670 just isn't up to that.
  13. what do you mean PSU :$ i record my console gameplay not on pc :)
  14. overclockchoc said:
    what do you mean PSU :$ i record my console gameplay not on pc :)

    Aha oh right sorry :) Yeah a 6670 would be fine then!
    I used to make Console gaming videos but i'm moving to PC now :P
  15. oh sweet :D What makes you switch to pc?
  16. PSU is power supply unit. We need info about it.
  17. i dont really know what my psu brand i think its zoostorm :O theres a zoo storm sticker were the psu is fitted
  18. you can't buy zoostorm PSUs standalone so i'd guess that it's not zoostorm its just crappy and unbranded! As for why i am switching to PC... Better hardware, Cheaper games, more customization - mods etc, Its where the future is! And with a decent PC you can do so much more! I mean seriously, now, consoles use i think, old 7800gt's (graphics cards) or something like that anyway. My Old but faithful 9800gt plays battlefield 3 on 720p medium - high. yup. For example (and this is true) an xbox 360 running battlefield 3 plays it in 720p, with Medium - Low settings (compared to pc) and gets I think... about 30fps. Now that's just terrible - and to think people still compare xbox/ps3 to gaming pc's in this day and age...
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