Can a display problem be caused by PSU or case?

Hey guys,
First time poster; I'll try to keep it concise :)

I'm having a weird issue where my display has lots of horizontal lines down the screen during bootup. (Picture below.)

When it gets to the desktop, the resolution is extremely low and the systray repeatedly says the display driver is crashing.

I'd list my hardware, but here's the thing: I've replaced almost everything. Monitor, motherboard, graphics card, CPU, memory, HDD, and I've reinstalled the OS. Problem persists. I'm flabbergasted. Is it possible that the PSU or case could be the culprit? Could this be caused by a grounding problem?

Hope someone has an idea!

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  1. Yes it is possible. Crap/DOA/dying PSU, improper installation, accidental short (dropped screw...)
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