Asus 7870 V2 Buzzz at 40degrees

Hello everyone!!

Well lets start! I bought a ASUS 7870 combined with my AMD llano overclocked to 3600MHZ. It is really a good graphic card,but i get a buzz when it is between 38 C and 41 C. When this temp drops from 38C I hear nothing,when it is increasing (above 41 C) i don't hear anything. Does anyone know what the problem is.. :pt1cable:
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  1. The problem is you're confronting a coil whine. Ghetto fix for that is put some black tape or any tape around it.

    But, I would prefer to RMA it back.
  2. Oke thanks!! I would like to RMA ,but i think they will replace it with a refurb card. And the buzzing sound is around 38 and 42 degree, so tape is better right?
  3. Well, not for a long term though. It might melt sooner or later.

    I suggest you RMA it if things go a lot worse.
  4. Oke , I called the retailer(mycom) and ask if they could change my card for 7950 and it was ok!
  5. Go for it you lucky b..... :D
  6. Oke i changed it! And guess what? Same annoying sound. I think it is my 600W cheap Recom PSU
  7. Oh dammit. The annoying sound is still there even when you not installing any graphics card?
  8. Thanks mate for youre quick reply.

    But the sound is coming from the graphic card when he is cooling from 42 to 38 degree..
  9. Is there a cable or something leaning against the card in question?
    The specific cooler fan frequency at those temperatures might invoke resonance in something, I suppose.
  10. Oke guys i found the problem!! It is my PSU from Recom 600WATT.. It is buzzing around these temps of my graphic card.. What to do? Should i change it or leave it..

    Damn i give a lot of money away for my pc ,but now my PSU is crap.. Damn ..

    But it's really weird, I mean onyl between the 38 and 43 degrees the sound pop up.. Damn I changed my graphic card for it,for a bigger one and it was really hard to put the graphic card into my Midi Tower.. Here we go again..
  11. Maybe the PSU cannot supply enough power to the graphics card, hence the coil whine. What is your budget for the PSU?
  12. MY budget went to zero,but a power supply is important.. My budget is max 70/80 Euro..

    My specs:

    CPU: Amd llano 3850 3,4 GHZ (OC) with Coolermaster 412S (Midi tower modified)
    GPU: ASUS 7950 TOP V2
    RAM: Corsair 8 GB (1600 MHZ)
    Motherboard: A75MA-P35 FM1
    Drives: SSD Vertex 3-128 gb and HDD WD
  13. This will do the job excellently Try looking if it's available in your country.
  14. I bought a Corsair650 (80 % Gold). I returned the other power supply i changed it for this one:D Thanks Acerace for your support!! And it is working like a charm! Fingers crossed!
  15. It will. If I remember correctly, the warranty of the Corsair PSU is 5 years. So, optimistically, it will work that long. :)
  16. I hope so mate !! Corsair have a nice warranty system,hope that the PSU last long for 5 years:D
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