Games lagging a lot on my new Asus hd 7850

i have problem with games performance
ever since i bought the new asus 7850 2gb ,and the game performance is unstable , always lags with camera rotation for 2-3 sec then the camera rotates normally ,and sometimes the game freezes like for 5 sec
before getting the 7850 , the games was working flawlessly on the Nvidia 9600gso 1.5gb farcry 2 edition .

my specs are little bit old but good enough to make me play the games on medium settings :

1- Pentium dual core E5200 @2.5 GHz
2- gigabyte mobo EP31-DS3L
3-4Gb Ram
4-Asus HD 7850 CU II 2gb
5- window 7 64 bit
6- PSU 500 watt

i would like to have some word of advice on what to do
thx ;)
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  1. the old card doesn't render DX11. check the games control panel and turn DX11 settings of and see what happens. Also look in the control panel for "play game in "DX10"..... use it if it's there.

    what games ?

    also, did you uninstall the nvidia drivers ( add/remove programs ) before installing the new card ?
  2. games :
    dishonored (camera rotation lags a lot , ghost recon future soldiers (freezes for 3 sec then the game returns to normal ) ,NFS most wanted 2012 always gives me low fps even on low settings as well as for crysis 2
    and yes i did uninstall all nvidia drivers before installing the new graphic card and even re install a new window before doing all steps above
  3. Your cpu is bottlenecking your GPU that would be my guess.. !
  4. You need to update everything in your rig to get the full advantage of the 7850.
  5. the few questions that should be answered are:

    1. did you properly uninstall drivers, manual installation tens to yield better results than automatic solutions
    2. game settings
  6. did you adjust game settings as described and did you try lowering resolution ?... and yes, the processor is a stumbling block.
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