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I just started my build and wanted some help on the placement of the 2 GTX680's

Coolermaster HAF X
Phanteks CPU Cooler
Asus P8z77-v deluxe

These are triple slot cards and I am wondering where is the best place to put them. I am thinking it has to be the first two x16 slots which
puts them pretty close to each other.

My main concern is the cooling if these two cards are so close together.

I dont think I have the option of using the last PCI x16 slot .

I do have the 200mm side fan and a couple options for cooling with a 120 fan VGA duct and the 80mm vga holder.

Would love to hear from someone that has a similar setup. Or anyone with advice/suggestions.

As this is my first build, I am being overly careful no doubt but can't help it. :o
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  1. You only have one option, the blue and the white PCI-E x16 slots are the only ones that will allow SLI mode.

    The black PCI-E x16 slot only operates in x4 mode. SLI requires that the x16 slot be able to operate in at least x8 mode.
  2. Any suggestions on making sure they get the best air cooling?
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  4. I have the extra 200, the 120 and one 80mm. Why do you think I need two 80mm. Where do I put the second one? The Fan controller your son has looks great. I like the temperature probes. Did he find those worked good and stayed stuck on? Just curious if I should buy some double-sided tape or something.
  5. Lol!Sorry about that i just talked to my son he said one 80mm i could of sworn it was two but anyways yes he likes it very much he has only had it for two months so far so good i prefer mine it's better imo lol cost quite a bit was worth every penny though i think it's over kill for basic needs
  6. How long have you had your fan controller? It looks pretty solid. Your son's looks nice too. Decisions, decisions. :)

    Thanks to everyone for their advice/guidance.
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