Which Graphics Card suits my system Best

Ok guys i have to make a decision in one day.
Which graphics card suits my system the BEST!
HD 5450 (OC by Gigabyte) or (Asus 0db)
gt 630 (OC by gigabyte)
geforce gt 610 (by asus)
geforce gt 620 (by asus)
6450 HD silent
(suggest if you know a better one which costs 80(or less)euro (be careful i want it to be compatible with my psu)
I dont care about the money
I just want it to be combatible with my system

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit SP1
Intel Pentium E2160 @ 1.80GHz
2,00 GB Single-Channel DDR2 @ 334MHz (RAM)
Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. VM900M (Socket 775) (motherboard)
A single optical drive for cd/dvds
A cheap realtek network card
And a cheap tv card

I want something not to create problems such as IT IS WAY TOO FAST THAN MY CPU AND I WILL HAVE PROBLEMS.
But i want to be able to play some games liek Crysis even at LOWEST! with 1440x900 resolution (or something around it)
I previously had HD 6570 but i have to give it back in tomorrow because i suspect that it is mulfunctioning

Thank you in advance please answer according to my PSU
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  1. Just get another HD 6570.
  2. You can't play crysis with those cards, I think
  3. you can play crysis.
    i though of that but i dont know.
    I think i will continue having problems because of my CPU.
    I am so confused.
    Also i think i dont have enought amps at 12v rail.
    this GPU needs around 20 to operate correctly, i read it somewhere in this forum.
  4. Can you suggest any other graphics card around 80 euro for my PSU?
  5. You might as well get another 6570 or get a 6670. You should upgrade your CPU, Motherboard and RAM soon as well.
  6. Any other upgrade other than the GPU is impossible unfortunately.
    So i want a gpu cheap that wont cause trable with the rest of my system
    I dont have any money for a new cpu/ram/motherboard/psu
    I want something combatible.
    Also how can i find what PCI my motherboard supports
  7. I found a cheap gt 640

    Which one is compatible with my system? (mostly because of my psu ampers)
    Which one is the Best?
  8. Your PCIe is 1.0. Any graphics card in this price bracket will match your PSU and your CPU isn't a power whore so you should be okay from that point of view.
    The 6670 is better and it will last longer than a gt 640.
  9. so 6670 has no problem with my psu power resources?
    Seriusly i am so confused... I am thinking of just getting a crappy 8400 GS !
    Thats why i dont want something AMD

    With my 6570 i had these problems.
    Most people said that this isnt a GPU mulfunction
    But the rest of the system cant support it and such things
    Now thats why i am confused.
    If i buy an other Better gpu wont i have problems?
    So what that means that if i buy a HD 5450 i will get rid of these problems?
    Why didnt i had such problems with my old GPU (8400 GS) and i have them with a more powerful GPU.

    (Thank you for trying to help me).
  10. It will be a problem with your CPU, either that or the GPU was faulty, honestly i prefer intel but the 6670s are great performance for money. I seriously doubt it was a bottleneck due to the fact that the GPU was so bad to start off with.
    Also there shouldn't be a problem with your power needs as some cards using 50w more run on under 500w PSUs and your CPU only uses 66w.
    (I like to help people :3)
  11. Ok thank you just one last question.
    My cpu doesnt have any problem.
    (i used to play this game with my 8400 gs before it died it was laggy but without these glitches)
    my 8400 gs could show these graphics why 6570 couldnt?
    (6570 is way much more powerful than my old 8400gs).
    Also i am not willing to upgrade anything else so i want something that wont cause problems. Your suggestion is to buy 6670 or you think something else would be more suitable for my slow proccesor?
  12. Im not sure why your anti-AMD, neither of the videos you posted say or write what cards they are using so it could just as easily been an Nvidia card they were running. Also both vids are of the same game, its probably a glitch in the game not the card.
  13. these videos are by me.
    From my previous AMD 6570
    I am not Anti-AMD i just had a bad experience.
    The problem excisted in Crysis 2 too.
    Anyway i am going to sleep Goodnight guys.
    (i will check tomorow for any replies.)
  14. +1 MotherFerJones

    martirio, sorry i can't help the glitching errors, yes a 6670 would be best for that price bracket and it gives decent performance in games at medium - high in less intensive games. Hope this helps.
  15. Just get a new syste, upgrade bit by bit, even the higher end proccessors would be back set by a pentium!
  16. So i re-read your post and have some suggestions, However since in one line you say to keep it under 80 euro (which im assuming is 100 bucks american) and then in the very next line you say that you DONT care about price, so i have two suggestions.

    If you DO care about price: I would recommend the HD 7750 maybe....

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127709, will most likely be bottle necked by both your RAM and CPU.

    If you DO NOT care about price: I would upgrade your Entire System maybe..... http://pcpartpicker.com/p/nmDS
  17. When i said i dont care about the money i was speaking for the price of these
    HD 5450 (OC by Gigabyte) or (Asus 0db)
    gt 630 (OC by gigabyte)
    geforce gt 610 (by asus)
    geforce gt 620 (by asus)
    6450 HD silent

    and you can suggest anything wich costs around 80 EURO (yes 100$)
    But the prices that you have at america arent the same with europe.
    this one (7750) here costs 100 Euro (with shipping included)

    Also i dont know about intel.
    Does it make anything else other than onboard?
    If yes then i have no problem.
    Also any upgrade is impossible.
    I am willing to spend something around 85euro.
    Anything that wont cause problems with my Crappy system is acceptable( i am talking about problems like in the video).(i was told that these problems are caused because of my CPU but i am still not sure.)
    also i use this page to buy things


    it searching a lot of web sites of my country and it finds the cheapest available price.
    Asus ATI Radeon HD6670 (PCI Express, 1GB DDR3 )
    Will the DDR5 make any performance notice on my system against the DDR3?
    I know 5 is way faster than 3 but my system is crappy so i am asking if the performance will be noticeable on my Slow system.
  19. GDDR5 cards are around 15% faster than DDR3 cards.
  20. hm.. So i guess i will go for
    Asus ATI Radeon HD6670 (PCI Express, 1GB DDR3 )

    Thank you guys
    (if you have any other suggestion just say it.)
  21. i will play at 1440x900.
    I am not a FULL ULTRA AWESOME HD lover
    (Keep in mind that i am used with 640x480 resolution, My nvidia 8400 GS was crappy :) )
  22. No but for the little amount of money more, it's still worth it.
    But then again seeing as you play at 900p, it might not make too much difference - you could always downscale to 720p if needed.
    That said, get the GDDR3 one as you don't really need the GDDR5 with your resolution. Also it could bottleneck if you got a GDDR5.
    Get the GDDR3 :D
  23. Lol :) Ok thank you i will get GDDR3 :) (it is cheaper too)
  24. It's okay I enjoy helping people! :)
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