ATI AMD series 8000 in PCI-e 2.0

I'm interested in getting and ATI AMD Radeon 8870 when it launches, my question is regarding how well it would run in a pci-e 2.0 slot. Does anyone have any theories of how well it would be, since I know the 7000 series ran perfectly fine in 2.0. And another thing is I'm getting an ivy bridge cpu and I have the p67 chipset so I don't know if I would get 3.0 like most chip-sets do when they have ivy. I think that covers my question.
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    The difference of performance of pcie 3 and pcie 2 is less than 1%, so I wouldn't worry about it.
  2. oh cool thanks, ya i saw a bench mark with the 7000 cards and it was just 1 frame faster, i just wasnt sure with e the bandwith being half and the 8870, but then agin I dont know much about graphcs speeds
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