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Hi everyone. I'm thinking of upgrading/switching to Intel. Right now I have the ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO and the AMD Athlon II X4 620. Both are 2 years old and I bought them from Newegg. They're actually still under warranty for a year and they're working perfectly fine. Anyways the only way I can switch to Intel right now is by selling them for hopefully decent money. How much would these be worth?

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    Unfortunately, I don't see you getting a whole lot for the CPU and Motherboard. The line of thinking is, "Why should I pay you for older components when I can get new components for the same price?", so you have to undercut the price of comparable new components.

    Using the latest Tom's Hardware Gaming CPU Hierarchy Chart, we find that the Athlon II X4 620 is on par with the Intel G620. This processor current goes for $70 on Newegg.

    The motherboard doesn't really offer anything in the way of newer tech other than accepting DDR3 RAM. No PCI-E 3.0 slots, not even Crossfire/SLI (if Crossfire/SLI are supported, x16/x4 is not the best configuration), no USB 3.0 and no SATA 6.0Gbs ports.

    If I can go out and get a comparable CPU and motherboard, new for about $140, I might offer $90 - $110 for your components.

    -Wolf sends
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  3. I agree with Wolf. I'm in the boat you are in. I have an Athlon II x4 640 that I'm going to try and sell. Unfortunately on ebay the going price looks to be about 40-50 at the upper end. My old board, I've got a dual core chip that will work in it, so that and my old ram I'm going to pop together into a case for my inlaws to replace their 10 year old hp.

    I mean honestly, I sold my GTS 450 for 31 bucks. But hey money is money. Saving up for either a newer power supply or monitor.

    My new system I just got(I went the opposite of what you did).

    FX 8120 8 core(I know this is a bulldozer chip, but at least it's unlocked for overclocking, got it at Microcenter for 140 bucks which seemed like a good deal)
    Gigabyte 970a-ud3 board
    Gskill Ripjaws ddr3 1600 8 gb kit
    Radeon 7850 2gb
    250 gb Seagate hard drive(had it around, using as a boot drive until I get an SSD)
    1 TB seagate used for storage(steam games mainly lol)
    Ultra LSP 650 watt power supply(considered a weak unit by some, I've had it 3 years, 38 amps on the 12 volt rail, voltages are stable, but not gonna push it with overclocking till I get a better power supply).
    CM Storm Scout case
    V6 GT cooler seems to keep idle temps at close to 30 degrees celcius, hoping they go down as the arctic silver breaks in.
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