Need help with 2 mounitors setup on 1 pc

hello everyone

i have two samsung tv's old one is led 19 and new one lcd 37
i have ati hd 6990 and i connected the 19 with normal cable next to pc and the other lcd 37 with 10m hdmi cable to my sleeping room

whenever i try to run a game the monitor on my sleeping room shut down and the one next to my pc runs fine
i meddled with ccc and found that option called preferred monitor
when i set it to the other monitor the one that is next to pc now shut down while the other in my sleeping room works fine

but i want them both to work together it's so annoying to go to options and change every now and then

so is it possible to do this?

any help greatly appreciated
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  1. Do you want them to act as separate monitors or just duplicate the video?
  2. i don't know how to say it but

    if i run game

    game run on both of them in full screen on each not split screen or eyefinity
  3. ... I'm confused now. Your options ARE split screen or eyefinity, unless you want duplicate images on each screen. Is that what you're looking for?
  4. yes and it work but when i run any videogame 1 of the two monitors shutdown and the other run

    i want to get both of them to run
  5. Gaming will be directed to the primary monitor.

    Some games will allow the secondary to display normally, but others will not.
    I think it is how the game is programmed to manage graphics, and perhaps the graphics driver itself.

    What to do?
    If you have integrated video adapters, you could try attaching your secondary monitor to that.
    Or, if not, add a second cheap video card for the second monitor.
    No guarantees, but I think if you use different adapters, it will work.
  6. Go to catalyst control center and multimonitor setup. Set the monitors to duplicate mode. That should do it.
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