Poor GTX 670 Overclocking

I've been overclocking my MSI GTX 670 PE OC and the results are pretty disappointing.

My question is, is it because of the lottery or did I just get a bad card?

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  1. Yeah, I received the exact card last week, I can only add 20 mhz max to the gpu core, though memory managed to achieve an additional 600 mhz. This is with both core v and power limit to max. Maybe wejust got bad chips?

    *sorry for bump!
  2. Probably just got a dud card but you shouldn't really be buying the GTX 6xx cards if overclocking is your priority anyways
  3. BigMack70 said:
    Probably just got a dud card but you shouldn't really be buying the GTX 6xx cards if overclocking is your priority anyways

    I know you are a AMD Fanboy. And you have a rival card (HD 7970)
    But Misguiding people that GTX is a poor Overclocker is Not good. And everyone knows it

    MSI Power Edition overclocks very Good.
    Maybe he got a Dud, but he can replace and get a Original card and OC it high.

    He wants good performance and a GTX670 is the Best Bang for the Buck in that Range.

    And Maybe you have listed a Performance chart (In another thread) showing that 7950 is now smoother like GTX660Ti.
    But still Nvidia has Physx, TXAA and Adaptive V-sync. Which enhance gameplay.
    And the real matter behind Buying a Expensive GPU is a Good Gameplay
  4. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh I must be an AMD fanboy... I own one of their cards and I have an opinion for myself about it. Let's just ignore my ownership of an equal # of Nvidia builds, my repeated delimiting of my dislike for their cards to the 6xx series, and my recommendations of both companies' cards in different scenarios. :pfff:

    You don't get voltage control on Kepler cards, you don't have as much headroom on average (obviously overclocking always depends ultimately on luck of the draw but it's still valid to speak of averages), and performance scales slightly better with overclocking on the 7xxx cards than the 6xx cards.

    Nowhere did I say that the 6xx is a bad overclocker or can't overclock. I said it's not the card to get if overclocking is your priority and that's true.

    Point being: OP shouldn't be disappointed with his card.
  5. Overclocking high wouldn't get him Good fps in every Scenario.

    And How much can you Overclock a Radeon 7970?
  6. ~1200 MHz is the average max overclock for the 7970 on air.

    I've had 3 7970s. Two of them (my original XFX DD BE and one of my lightnings) topped out right around the 1200 MHz mark and one (the other lightning) tops out around the 1240 MHz mark.
  7. Meet this guy http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/profile-1121783.htm

    He has 2xGTX670 Overclocked ti 1290Mhz

    And many others too have a GTX 670 overclocked near 1200Mhz
    So now you can't say that 7970 overclocks better always.
  8. Sure I can... that's an above average overclock

    It's also not a "better" overclock, since the 670 starts at higher speeds (I'm assuming 1290 is his OC boost clock and not base... that's a really impressive OC if he's got near 1300 MHz base clock) - the % of the overclock is what matters, not the clock speed attained.
  9. MSI GTX 670 PE has a Core clock of 1019MHz

    Compared to a MSI 7970 Lightning with a Core clock of 1070MHz

    So, Now you can't say that Radeon Overclocks better.
  10. At best you've got an argument that one specific model of the 7970 doesn't OC better than one specific model of the 670 in one specific case. If you want to argue that, fine - I don't really care about that.

    But that doesn't really have anything to do with "670 vs 7970" overclocking in general, because the comparison there always has to be with stock clocks because you're comparing the chip and not individual models. Individual models like the 670 or 7970 just use some of that headroom up in the factory OC.

    Who put a stick up your butt about this anyways? It's common knowledge and has been for launch that the 7xxx cards are better for overclockers (and no, that doesn't mean that the 6xx cards can't overclock or even that they can't overclock well).
  11. I recently got a MSI GTX 670 P.E and it isn't the best overclocker either. GPU clock: 1059 Memory: 1607 Boost: 1137 This is it overclocked. I might play around with it a little more but it seems if I go above this It wont let e run Heavens Benchmark, it loads up then beeps and the screen goes black and I have to hit escape then a message pops saying my driver quit working.
    If you can think of anything to make my overclock better please let me know.
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