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Hi. I installed an ebay hard drive into a VAIO laptop (VGN-N365E) and cannot get the XP disk to boot. I get the VAIO screen and then a message reading "BOOTMGR is missing". I can get to the BIOS menu. The optical drive is the first in the boot order. The seller tells me the drive was "wiped and formated NTFS". I have am not receiving any message to hit F2 or any other key to boot from the CD drive. I have tried several function keys, DEL and Esc in the process of trying to get this thing to boot. The CD drive is spinning. I have used this disk several times before to reformat other machines. I tried a Win7 disk with the same unfortunate luck. Any ideas? Thanks. - Bruce
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    boot device menus tend to be either F10 or F12
  2. Thanks. I don't have a problem getting to my bios (boot sequence). The laptop will not boot from CD because it claims the boot manager is missing.
  3. Better check your Windows XP Disc.
    If its works well
    Try from booting USB thumb drives..
  4. also, if it boots on another drive, try using a cleaning (one w/brushes) CD on the problematic system
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  6. I tried the win7 disk again and hit F10 at power-up and it booted from the disk. thanks to everyone for your responses.
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