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Can you use the i5 graphic unit for a second monitor?

Hi! i have a system with an i5 3550 and a 670 gtx ... so i was hoping to get a second monitor but can i configure it so my i5's graphic card will be used for the second monitor only? so my 670 gtx wont lack any performance for my main gaming monitor

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  1. Yes, you should be able to.

    Just try plugging the second monitor into the back of your motherboard.
  2. I don't believe so - even when plugged into the motherboard, it'll still be processing through the GPU.

    That being said... a 670 isn't even going to notice a second monitor not used for gamin.
  3. Having a second monitor hooked to a GPU has minimal effect on game performance.
    I have a GTX 480 hooked up to 2 monitors, and my FPS in games, as well as synthetic benchmark scores don't even fluctuate by a tenth of a percent.

    The performance loss is completely negligible.
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    Using the GTX 670 will not affect performance, however it will keep it from going to low power mode when not gaming.

    Using the iGPU though does not use your GPU, as when I uninstall my drivers to update them, everything gets moved to my second monitor which is connected via 2500K/Motherboard.
  5. ok so bottom line is it is impossible right? or did cliffro just say that it is and im just too dumb to comprehend his reply XD
    thanks for all your input!
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