Does anyone make this thing??

Okay, Let me explain what I have so you understand what im looking for. I have to complete computers. Two Towers, Two monitors, etc..

I want to control Each computer with One keyboard (one mouse would be nice too, but doesnt have to.) BUT, I want to be able to switch between the two computers by pressing a Key on my keyboard.

For example, Pressing F1 controls computer #1, and pressing F2 controls computer #2. So I guess im just looking for a "smart switch" that you can set a custom key to switch instead of switching a giant knob on a bulky box.

Does anyone make anything like this?? I think someone would have to make something like this, given all the USB key boards and mice out there. So any of you Tom's Hardwarde master of all computer knowledge know of one? Send me a link or point me in the right direction.

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  1. Just buy an expensive KVM. I've never seen one that'll allow you to customize the key to press to change, the ones we have here at work are ScrLk, ScrLk, Home or soemthing like that.

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  2. Yep, sounds like you are looking for a kmv switch. I don't know about programable ones but like the belkin ones you can hit (like said above) scroll lock, scroll lock and either the system number or up/down to go to the system you want to switch to.

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  3. they make what you are asking for, but i dont think they come smaller than 8 ports. and they are very expensive. the keyboard it comes with has a button you hold and push a number button, you can even name them.

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