Can anyone tell me how to set up my routers Qos settings

I have an actiontec pk5000 ive searched the web over and over on how to set up Qos but i have not found help anywhere. I have posted on other sites as well everyone says to use Qos but they dont tell me how.

I would just like to be able to limit my brothers bandwidth not just programs. We both use laptops, I use Ethernet, he uses wifi. My router does not have a wifi speed setting. I have tried multiple times to try and set up Qos on my own but it has not worked at all.

Heres a screenshot of my routers Qos.

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  1. The purpose of QoS is to allow more important traffic to pass first, not to moderate it. You're probably looking for traffic moderation/shaping. Check and and then get a router that can be flashed with DD-WRT or find a router that has similar functionality. You can prioritize traffic by IP or MAC address.
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