Dual screen setup, 1 DVI port on cpu

Hello everybody, ive searched around a little bit and i keep finding different problems than i have.

I recently bought a computer for school (a few months ago)and i wanted to set up a dual screen.

My cpu has only 1 DVI port and thats it. It is currently connected to the monitor that came with it.

I have a second screen, but it is older and does not have a DVI port, only a VGA port.

When i tried to daisy chain the older screen to the newer screen with a VGA, the second screen just says "no signal" and then goes into power saving mode after a minute or two.

I have also read this:

1.Right click on Desktop

2.Select Screen Resolution

3.Click Detect (with no additional monitor connected)

4.Next to your first display, you'll see a grey square with the text "Another display not detected" Click on the grey square

5.Next to "Multiple displays" it will say "No display detected"

6.Click on "No display detected"

7.A drop-down menu will appear

8.Select "Try to connect anyway on: VGA"

9.Click on your primary display (the square with the big "1" in it)

10.Next to "Multiple displays" select "Extend these displays"

HOWEVER when i click detect, nothing happens at all. I cannot proceed, " another display not detected" or that gray box never shows up.

Ive tried this with the monitor connected and not connected and the same result happens.

I looked around some more and i could use a DVI converter that splits into 1 DVI and 1 VGA, but i heard that this will just copy the image from the first screen to the second.. I dont want that.

How do i proceed?

i have a NVIDIA Quadro 4000
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  1. I also have 2 HDMI ports as well.

    ALSO when i go into the NVIDIA control panel, and i select "set up multiple displays" and then go down to "my display is not show" and i select "rigorous display detection" and i search for them, it says nothing is found
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