So after a very long time of no longer receiving any BSODs, I purchased a new graphics card (gtx680). The computer was running just fine until today when I got the bsod SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED
bug check code 0x1000007e
parameter 1 ffffffff`c0000005
parameter 2 fffff880`0f983ca3
parameter 3 fffff880`04045358
parameter 4 fffff880`04044bb0

My specs are i5 2400@ 3.1ghz, Msiz77agd65 motherboard, Corsair 850W PSU, 8GB vengeance ram.

Please advise me of what I should do. I have no idea of how to handle this issue and i feel like a sitting duck at the moment. I looked this error up and here is what i found

It basically said that the gpu was operating under heavy conditions but i dont know what that means. Does it mean that my PSU is not sufficient to support the gpu??? please help me!!
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  1. It will be related to the amount of heat in the case, It could be the Gpu is trying to throttle back to reduce the heat, causing the error, take the side of the case off let it breath a bit more see if the problem goes away.
  2. Heat is not the problem when it comes to the gpu. Gpu is the twin frozer that never reached 60c. Same goes with cpu
  3. Is this the first time you had this BSOD? I recently had my computer crash due to driver failure, I was freaking out but after doing research it seems that things just happen sometimes, just when it's happening constantly is when something is wrong. By the way, your PSU is way more than enough to handle that GPU.
  4. alrighty then i'll just update bios and windows updates. And no this is not the first time that i get a bsod. It's been a very long time since i got one though. Haven't got anything for about a year until now.
    The following parameters appear on the blue screen.
    Parameter Description
    1 The exception code that was not handled
    2 The address where the exception occurred
    3 The address of the exception record
    4 The address of the context record

    0xC0000005: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION indicates a memory access violation occurred.

    might try:

    -My first guess would be the device driver for the new card: update with current drivers from web site.

    -if you get the same error with the same offset addresses it will be a driver issue
    not a overheating issue. (most of the time, unless it is a general failure error routine that is bugchecking)
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