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Hey guys... Well I just bought a new graphics card: MSi HD 7970 Lightning (Yes, the $500 one -___-)

Well I started to play this game called Aion (an MMORPG), the thing is when I'm in the city, I'm getting around 45 fps... and during PVE, it's around 60. I'm playing on the highest settings, but that definitely shouldn't be a problem with this card... I mean this is like one of the best graphics cards out on the market right now, and I'm still getting some fps lag? =(

I have a i5 3570k 3.4 Ghz CPu, so I doubt they're bottle-necking each other...

Is something wrong with my card or cpu, or is it something related to Aion itself?
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  1. Bump...
  2. Your card should be perfectly fine, if you are worried run unigine heaven, and see how your card compares to other hd7970's. It could just be the game or the drivers. Your cpu is pretty solid so thats not a problem.

    Hope this helped!
  3. Have you updated drivers? Like clean sweep everything.
  4. 1. No bumping, against the rules.
    2. Those are normal.
    3. Just because you spent a lot of money on something, don't automatically expect it to be the very best ever, "woo I just spent 200 dollars on a pebble! What? It doesn't have blu tooth? oh noooooooooooo"

    Those are normal FPS rates for that card, they are at very sexy rates too, why are you complaining, its well above the industry standard of playability (30 FPS)
  5. I'd overclock the CPU. Aion needs a lot of it.
  6. ^+1

    Your cpu can reach some nice clock speeds, assuming you have a good cooler to handle the heat.
  7. Sorry about the bump, thanks for letting me know!

    burntpizza said:
    Have you updated drivers? Like clean sweep everything.

    I'm downloading the 12.11 driver right now, will it help out a lot? o.o

    EDIT: I'm on 8.98 at the moment... About to install the 12.11 driver!
  8. Yes it will, the HD7970 has seen quite a few performance increases with some of the 12.XX drivers.
  9. fil1p said:
    Yes it will, the HD7970 has seen quite a few performance increases with some of the 12.XX drivers.

    Well I installed that driver, and restarted my computer, when I look t the driver version of the card, it says it's 9.10.8... why is that?

    EDIT: Oh... the catalyst version is 12.11... haha. Anyways, am I supposed to do anything on catalyst to improve the performance or is that all I was supposed to do (install the driver).

    EDIT #2: Am I also supposed to download the 12.10 driver as well...?
  10. Quote:
    This is why I always run crossfire-yes, the card will do well in many games, crossfire at 1080 P will handle anything with that card
    Also, overclocking the cpu is easy if it has a good venting system-are you computer wise?

    I wouldn't say I'm the smartest, probably a beginner, jsut built my first rig! And I have a CM Hyper 212 Evo on my cpu, would that be enough to OC to atleast 4.2 Ghz?
  11. What are your coretemps right now at stock? Check out some of the overclocking guides for the i5 3570k here at tomshardware (stickys in the overclocking forums). Ivy bridge chips run hotter than sandy bridge, but you should be able to get to 4-4.2ghz.
  12. That cooler will be more than enough for 4.2 GHz :).
  13. Have you enabled overdrive or used any software to overclock the gpu? Stock, it's at either 925 or 1050, you should be able to bump it up to 1125+ without changing voltage. Also, play around with the game settings in the game section of catalyst control center...using edge detect takes a huge performance hit without much improvement, msaa looks just as good in my opinion.
  14. so any update on what happened after updating drivers?
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