2nd Monitor: Why Can't Extend Desktop? Win7

2nd Monitor: Can't Extend Desktop? Win7

Win 7
i7 2600K Integrated Graphics
Monitor 1: HP ZR24W
Monitor 2: Dell U2311H

Why can't I extend the desktop onto my second monitor?

After Right Click on the Desktop (Control Panel/Appearance and Personalization/Display)/Screen Resolution, clicking "Detect" does not detect the second monitor.

The second monitor is working, but it is just duplicating what shows on the first monitor.

I just reloaded a new copy of Windows on a new hard drive and then added the second monitor.

I had these same two monitors working on this computer before Win 7 got corrupted and I added a new hard drive and installed a fresh copy of Windows 7.

Note: The posting dialog forced me to select a Sub-Catagory to post this thread. There was, however, no selection for Integrated Graphics; so I was forced to select "Graphics Cards."
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  1. It depends on what graphics chip you have, have you installed the Intel video driver ?
    I have never looked into Intel and monitor spanning, but I am sure it can be done.
    Have a hop over to intel see if you need the driver and app installed to do what you want.
    I suspect once you do this it will work fine.
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