6850 Crossfiring help?

Hello people,
I am building my new system very soon, The system will consist of these items (v) means i already own it.
Inel core i7 3770K
MSI Z77 Mpower BigBang. (v, ordered)
850W PSU (V)
ATI/AMD Radeon 6850 Crossfire (v, only one though)
16gb Vengeance RAM (v)
256GB SSD (V)
1TB HDD x2 (V)

My question is, would this system be ok, providing that i have an ASUS 6850 (which i already own) and another makes 6850, e.g. XFX.
I am not buying another ASUS 6850, i got mine when they were £89, now they are £160! I am not willing to pay that much the same card, when i can purchase a card with nearly 30% better performance for a similar price.
XFX are doing these for £94, which i am quite happy to pay for a card of the standard.

Many thanks,
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  1. Looks perfectly fine to me, plenty of power which is always handy, Do you do allot of video editing and the like with that amount of RAM?.
  2. Hey,

    You can crossfire any hd6850 with any hd6850 so you should have no problems at all getting a card from a different brand. In fact you can crossfire cards that are in the same family, like a hd6850 with a hd6870. If one of the cards is running at a higher speed then the other, then the faster card will simply downclock to the speed of the slower card. However you can tweak the clocks a bit (if they are to be a bit different) and you will get your optimal performance. Your psu (assuming its of a good brand) is more than enough to run two hd6850's. So you are good to go.

    Hope this helps!
  3. yeah any GPU with same processor or architecture will pretty much work together
  4. PC Gamer198 said:
    yeah any GPU with same processor or architecture will pretty much work together

    With AMD cards within the same family that is true (ie. 68XX), but that is not true for nvidia cards.
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