Radeon HD 5770 low FPS WOW Help Please

I recently purchased an HIS Radeon HD 5770
I'm with the low fps in wow no more than 30 fps before when I had a 5650 fps was the over 80 now can not even with my 5770 so what do I do? buy a better card? what? or something I can do?
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More about radeon 5770 please
  1. Did you reinstall the drivers when you installed a new card?
  2. Yes. I installed on top of what already existed. Of a problem?
  3. I had a 5770, I could play on High with a couple things set lower and stay at around 60-70 fps. Did your WoW settings get changed and now your AA or Sampling or Vsync get changed? Also check your view distance. WOW wanted to default my vid settings to Ultra when I reinstalled the card once so make sure WOW didn't auto change your settings.
  4. I would suggest uninstalling the display driver then reinstalling the 5770 drivers. Or run Driver Fusion, which is the follow up to driver sweeper, to clean out all of the drivers. Then do a fresh install of drivers. Generally not a good idea to just overwrite drivers. Good Luck
  5. I'd suggest reinstalling drivers as well.
  6. Already installed all drivers .. so that keeps giving problem, I'll format the pc that will be better?
  7. It should get better.
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