Hiya all.
I have just connected my laptop(WIN ME) to a TV using Svideo out put cable then connecting it to a SCart Cable so that I can connect it to the TV(I'm in UK so I have to use a SCART)
Funny thing is that I only get black and white screen. So I automatically adjusted the out put settings to PAL-I as I am in that particular region, but still no and white only. So I had thought maybe its because I bought my laptop from Asia(really sceptical) I had used the cable with my PC(bought in UK-SVIDEO, WIN XP - GeForce MX2) to connect to the TV..still no change so I have decided to used something else like different TV!! So I have decided that I should use a multi-regional TV, hmm funnily enough it did change a bit...but very slightly....when I put my TV on a PAL mode(or whatever mode my SVIDEO is set) I get tiny little bit of colour that's hardly nitceable. But the result is distorted images.
What am I doing wrong? Am I using the wrong cables?
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  1. i had the same pb with my old TV

    it couldn't detect the color video signal & it stayed in B/W

    is your TV old ?

    EasyInfo :cool:
    I would like to Invest for my PC !!
    ok, buy nothing.
  2. Here is how to fix the problem. Turn of both devices, plug in the S-Video to the TV and to the Laptop. When your turn them both on again, you should be able to get color. Also, if this doesn't work, try the steps above in different configurations. This is a common occurance when hooking up commponents with S-Video or Component. I hope this helped solve your problem

    If it works for you then don't fix it.
  3. I had this problem,until I discovered that my tv has AV1/AVS1;AV2/AVS2...
    anyway AV picture was black and white,I tried changing resolutions,different pc's... but when I ACCIDENTALLY switched to AVS on my tv it got colour.
    Don't know if it helps...but I hope it does
  4. just setup the colour moode auto in your TV (pal/ntsc/auto) its works for me on my thoshiba tv
  5. If it is a cheap cable only two of the wires are in use. Go buy a cheap male to male s-video cable cut one end off and cut the s-video connector off of your cable. Wire the new one in like this , tie pins 3+4 together and tie them to the center yellow video pin wire, then tie pins 1+2 together and tie them to the yellow video ground wire it will show in color. You can see a pin out on wikipedia under s-video. this took a lot of trial and error to figure out but it works.
  6. The reason you get a black and white signal is because your Super Video (s-video) output sends 2 colour groups to your TV, 1 for colour information, the other for brightness and lighting information. If your TV is not designed to receive a s-video source it may not pick up the colour information hence the black and white image. I had the same problem when trying to plug my laptop into my parents TV.
    What you need to do is change your graphics card output mode to composite (RCA) If you can't change these manually and your not confident with cutting up wires and don't want to risk damaging your hardware. I would recommend buying a converter, these can be found on-line for a few pounds. Your graphics will then automatically change to a composite output and give you full colour. :bounce:
  7. i have the same problem, and i tried everything u said, i tried in 3 different tv and 4 different laptops, and its same in all of them. it used to work with colors before, i dont know what happened . ??
  8. been struggling with this one as well.... but after review, have found the issue... it's definitely an over heating issue. I tried vga and got "the dreaded blue tint" so i switched to svideo and got the black and white... finally launched my graphics card control panel and the hue (color) was set to 0 out of 100 lol... finally at last, COLOR.... then started to watch a video on my tv and a funny thing happened... the video had a blue tint, but my desktop remained in full color... lol whenever you do something labor intensive, it seems as if the blue tint is unavoidable...

    the half color/half blue tint leads me to believe that the blue tint is indeed an overheating issue, but the black and white can be fixed with playing with your video cards's control panel.
  9. I have been using my laptop to hook up with my computer for a long while now... and it was working as it always had last week bean then a couple of days ago i hooked it up and it can out of the tv as B/W. i poked and looked around to see if a opton got switch somewhere haven't found any. I hooked up my dvd player and it was color... so not tv... i switched out and used a new svid cable that my fiance left a couple of weeks a got (I had to take it out of the packaging) plugged that in and still black and white. i tried the turning them both off thing and that didnt work. i am in the us and my tv is on TINT. it worked just a week ago

    i am at a total loss....
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