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Hey there guys, so recently I decided to build a PC for the first time, here is a list of all the parts;
So today they arrived and I have been putting them together but I'm kinda stuck, i have the motherboard installed into the case, cpu and heatsink are both on the motherboard and im working on connecting the cables in the case to the motherboard. There are two cables in particular though that I have no idea where to connect; first is a 1394 cable, it fits into USB ports but i read that that wasn't a good idea, it also fits into one that says 'COM1'. Second is I think for the fan, it has four prods on one side and 4 holes on the other, do i connect that directly to the power supply?
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  1. The 1394 - do not connect it in a USB header or COM1.
    The fan connector- does it look like ?
  2. So do I just not connect the 1394? Yeah that is one side, the other side looks lke its made to fit inside that.
  3. Don't connect the 1394, as the board does not have a header for that.
    You can connect the fan molex in a PSU molex. The fan will allways run at full speed. Does the fan have also a 3-pin or 4-pin connector (something like )?
  4. Yeah the fans have 3 pin headers and the motherboard has 4pin slots but the fans still fit in them. Also, does it matter that one face of that double molex thing for the fan is unused?
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    If you connect it to the motherboard (fan speed controlled), don't connect it to the PSU (molex) also. The fan will get power from the board.
    Also for the 3-pin fan:
    If you connect it to the power supply, it doesn't matter if male or female.
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