Is my graphics card dead?

My video card was working fine until I woke my computer up from sleep mode. The computer did not display anything. I checked the cables and tried different inputs, but that did not help. I also tried another monitor. After that I tried changing the PCI-E slot, but that did not work either. The fan at full speed when the computer turns on, but there is no display. I do not have graphics on my motherboard, so I cannot check to see if my computer recognizes it.

SKU: ZT-40707-10L
Serial number: N121400021294
Zotac GT440 synergy edition 2gb 128bit ddr3

My computer specs
Asrock 970 extreme 3 mother board
Amd fx 8150 ( overclocked to 4.2gh)
Zotac GeForce gt 440 2gb
Corsair GS600 psu
WD hard drives.
21" Samsung monitor

Thanks in advance!
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  1. reset cmos. maybe bad overclock ? no vid could mean processor shot too. you tried cables........... I had trouble with HDMI/HDMI and sleep mode once. reverted to DVI/DVI and cleared up.
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    When you turn the pc on, do you hear some beeps? If so, get the mobo manual and check what the specific sound means. My old PC didnt show anything during start up but turned up to be a busted RAM slot. My first guess was GPU too but it can be missleading.
  3. My pc boots, so I don't think it is the processor. I was playing Rage, and I paused it to go eat dinner, so it could have overheated then I guess. I was using a VGA cable and the VGA to DVI adapter that came with the card, and I tried other VGA cables, along with an HDMI cable. Do you think you could tell me how to reset my CMOS? Thanks for the quick replie Swifty Morgan.
  4. You lost me now. So the computer turns on. If you go to your computer now and click the button it will boot to windows???
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  6. I just go the computer to display information. It said that it was unable to come out of hibernation and I would lose unsaved data. I had to re install the ram. Thanks for the tip briancruser. Does anyone know how to prevent this from happening again? I did just update my system bios, should I go back to the old bios?
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