Can i get another 650ti with this psu

im just going for 1 650ti right now but eventually i want to be able to upgrade. My psu is the cooler master extreme power plus 500W but after i bought it i read on psu does not exceed over 431.5W major rip off. It has 1 6-pin connector and 5 4-pin peripherial connectors im guessing thats a molex can i turn these to 1 exta 6 pin and still be able to run it. I know it barely squeeks through the power requirments but dont know if i have enough connectors for this.

Also want to know if this is a good build and what kind of price drops are coming up soon that would make this a dumb build.

thanks for all the input
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  1. making a fix read up and that mobo isnt sli gonna use the
  2. are you sure you can sli the 650 ?.............. think I saw a vid with an nvidia tech saying otherwise.

    and here it is from anandtech....... bet some of those know it alls from newegg reviews will eat crow if they read this

    "Moving on, along with losing GPU boost capabilities the GTX 650 family also gives up SLI capabilities, so unlike the GTX 550 Ti you won’t find a SLI bridge connector here."
  3. Like swifty said, no SLI on 650s, even if there was, you only have 1 6-pin connector so it would still be impossible :P Try getting a Radeon hd 6870 or 7770 as they are crossfire compatible and offer great value for money, only thing is, you'd still need that extra 6-pin on the PSU so you'd still need a new PSU and your motherboard might not support crossfire compatible :/
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