Computer will not power on. Motherboard failure

Hi all,

Hope you can help.

In the space of a week my fan controller has fried and now my motherboard.

Asrock z77 mini itx
8gb hyperx ram
Gtx 670
Hyperx ssd

My fan controller died a few days ago but the pc carried on working fine so i assumed it was a faulty device. Today my new nzxt controller arrived and i fitted it and when i reassembled it would flicker the lights would come on and go to start but nothing. I disconnected the fan controller and the same thing happened so i took everything apart and connected just the psu to the motherboard and each time it would go to start and the psu fan would flicker and still nothing.

I tried a few more times and reset the cmos and then the worst happened it started for a few seconds and then smoke poured out of the mobo and i killed the power before the mobo tried to start again which it did.. I assume that this is not coincidence and that my psu has fried my fan controller and mobo?

I will send both back anyway but am absolutely gutted as now i have no computer and spent a grand on this back in october and seems like i am now out of pocket :( am wondering if i should just send everything back and buy a laptop.


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  1. Sorry to here it, what was the brand of the Psu in the system may I ask and its wattage.
    If it was a cheap power supply I suspect it was the root cause of the problem.
    If the case the lesson is don`t trust cheap unknown power supply's, as it normally ends up costing you more trouble and upset. Hope you get it sorted Chris all the best.
  2. Sorry i thought i mentioned it and it was not that cheap it was a corsair tx550 running at barely 300-400 watts i only had an mitx running a i7 3770 and single gtx 670.

    I noticed that the psu was making a buzzing sound and when i tried to power it up became a high pitched buzz. I only hope that it has only blown the motherboard and not the cpu :(
  3. Even good PSU manufacturers sometimes ship bad units. It's a bad sign whenever your PSU makes any unusual sounds - I suspect that your PSU is bad.
  4. Smoke came out of both the fan controller and motherboard. I cannot believe they were both faulty... Can only hope that the cpu is ok and nothing else has been fried. The motherboard was still turning on and off even after smoke came out.
  5. I would say it's like the PSU, if it is under warranty I think it should have some kind of guarantee not to blow up all your stuff and if it does replace it, but I do not know specifically. Did you make sure there were no obvious shorts anywhere?
  6. Initially the fact it was not firing made me think it must be a short. So i removed everything just the psu 24 pin connector to the mobo and the cpu power supply with the cpu heatsink and ram seated. Fired it up and smoke came from near the realtek chip on the board and two chips nearby look fried. All connections where connected properly. Thing that makes me think psu is the fan controller is connected directly to psu not the motherboard which also fried so i am thinking more and more psu. Gutted.
  7. Yeah, sadly it sounds like your PSU went and took a lot of components with it.
  8. Would it have killed the cpu though as i am unable to test this. I only had the cpu and heatsink on the board when the smoke came out i removed everything else. Nothing looked fried underneith the cpu or on the cpu so am praying its ok or that will be costly :/
  9. Well amazon are superb they are sending me a new motherboard overnight. Sadly the psu was from ebay and the seller is away until the 2nd. I assume i should not dare risking the psu so i must suffer a little longer :)
  10. I would say the CPU must be fried...
  11. How though? It was running fine prior to me fitting the new fan controller and it does not appear to be fried at all or show any signs of being fried smells and looks clean etc. The smoke came out of the motherboard near the realtek chip not near the cpu socket and the heatsink was on as it has been for the last two months.

    Once i rebuild it with the new mobo and psu is it safe to use the cpu if it may be fried?
  12. It is a hard question to answer - If smoke came out, then there must be some SERIOUS power issues, in which case i would expect the CPU to be fried. You never know though...
  13. Is it safe to test it on the new mobo and psu however? Smoke only came out of a section of the board so i am hoping the cpu is ok as they are pretty hard wearing. Otherwise its only two months old will have to RMA it. The cpu would not have caused the board to fry though surely that was the faulty PSU so i should be ok just testing it on the new board?
  14. It doesnt matter where smoke came from - there was a massive over voltage, and i would expect that the CPU would be damaged, even if it works.
  15. Hi again,

    Ok so psu and motherboard are here i rebuilt her and fires her up and she starts and runs fine but i have nothing on screen at all. Tries all common fixes using vga and integrated, ram tests, power supply etc and everything appears to be running spot on just i get nothing on screen at all... Does this mean the cpu is fried as even the integrated display will not show anything?
  16. Have now tries everything and same issue. Monitor appears to get a signal from mobo but shows nothing on the display. It turns on when i plug cable in.

    Any ideas before i RMA the cpu? Thanks
  17. GPU?
  18. Gpu turns on and runs fine and both gpu and integrated send a signal to screen as it turns on but screen is blank? If cpu was dead will that be the culprit? Or do i have another dud board? It literally sits there idling away as if its sitting in the bios screen and both ram and cpu heatsink get warm... Just nothing on screen. As the hd4000 would be the integrated i assume its the cpu that was the only component connected when i smoked the board. Otherwise i will send the board back and switch it for an asus? Ideas??
  19. Ordered a new cpu ... :( we shall see in a few days.

    Starting to regret ever building it now.
  20. Hi there

    Just thought I would post back and say thank you for the advice.

    You were all pretty much correct in your replies. The PSU was faulty and fried the motherboard and the CPU.

    The CPU was the reason why I was getting power with the new motherboard and PSU but no POST.

    I replaced the CPU through amazon and it now works perfectly :) I am also much happier with my Seasonic PSU rather than my Corsair which I won't be going near again.

    Many thanks!

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