i just got all the parts for my new build today.

I fitted in my psu to my pc and without hooking up the psu to anything else except the powerlead, i turned it on, and it sparked inside for about 3 seconds. I unplugged then replugged and it did it again.

IS this because i havent plugged it into anything???
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  1. You may be using the wrong connector. I would get some help and stop for now. Or go to and see if the ps connectors are identified on the manufacturer's webpage. Newegg has some good photos and links and sells many brands of ps.
  2. But i used the connector that came with it?????
  3. Which connector? There's only three critical connectors on the motherboard if you count the power switch, which is low voltage and won't spark if you get it wrong. If possible, take a picture of your board and the connector you're trying to use and post it.
  4. it sounds like your motherboards pins may be screwed up you should think about just finish the build and if it happens again then send back the mobo or psu
  5. I mean i havent built yet. I just plugged in the psu by itself. I havent hooked up my mobo, i got confused about what you were saying about the connector, i was thinking of the powerlead. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    I did the paperclip test and it failed so im gonna send it back.

    Sorry for my crap sentence structures im in a rush :)
  6. did a screw get dropped into the PS? something is shorting it out give it a good shake does anything rattle? if so send it back if not send it back anyways
  7. hahaha yeah glad we were able to figure out the problem when you get it back and it works then update us
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