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LoL, Runescape not working!

First off, this computer is VERY old but should still run RS even at a laggy state. I'm still sure it should run League of's a integrated GPU. I can't find the correct drivers for it. Any help?

COMPUTER ~~ HP Pavilion a800n

for League it gives a direct 3d error and Runescape just goes white screen! Thanks!
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  1. The only supported drivers for this desktop is for Windows XP 32-bit.
    Assuming this is your OS, these are the video drivers for you desktop.
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    I don't think you even come close to the minimum requirements. According to this that computer only has up to 64MB of VRAM.
  3. Uh no. That PC isn't going anywhere. If it can barely run Runescape, a simple Java application, don't expect to be playing full blown desktop games. Heck even a cheap tablet would be better than that computer. You really need a new one ASAP.
  4. Yeah, I'm sorry but there is no way, even if you upgrade the machine to the maximum ability of its hardware, to run LoL or just about anything else.
  5. Lol. Okay, got it. Thanks.
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