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hey, i just bought a tecra 550cdt from my friend for 50 bux but the only thing that is broken is the orange connector (which is torn). What is the "official" name for it and where can i buy it??? i really need to get one!!
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  1. It’s a ribbon cable, as it’s usually named by technicians in computer depot and in training movies on laptop assembly/disassembly, service and repair.
    No matter the name, actually, when you put an order to Toshiba or provide a search, you can name it as a cable for your Toshiba's harddrive, IDE cable, or IDE interface cable. The problem is always with part availability for laptops.
    From what I know, Toshiba doesn't keep parts for old laptops for long. But you have to make your first call to your local Toshiba authorized service depot, or their 1-800 number, I think. You’ll be redirected to Parts Supplies, they have a centralized database.
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