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Hey guys I was wondering if you all could help point me in the right direction. I'm wanting to get a new graphics card but I need to know if anything I have needs to be updated so my pc can handle it.
Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce GT 610
6144MB Ram
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G620 @ 2.60GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.6GHz
System: Lenovo

I wasn't sure what kind of information to include lol. I do play a lot of games on my computer. Skyrim, Sleeping Dogs, GTA 4, COD, Mafia 2, Fallen Earth, the occasional Sims, the likes. Most games play pretty good on lower settings, skyrim is good on medium and gta is low. Sleeping Dogs is great on higher settings, I just can't push it lol.
I'd like to play these games at higher settings and get the chance to play the Witcher 2 with a full screen, I've been having to play it at 800 haha.
Any more information that you need, just ask.
If I need to upgrade, let me know what and what I should replace it with (on a budget). If not, point me towards the right direction for a better graphics card? Thanks (:
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  1. That's a hard one. It all depends on your laptop case size, motherboard tyoe, and PSU.
  2. this is particularly hard for me but try getting anything that fits your budget that is better than the gpu it has.
  3. That isn't a laptop.

    Having said that, we'll need to know how much you'd like to spend, the size of your PC case (height, width and length) and what power supply unit you have (check it by opening your PC and looking at the sticker).

    Photos of inside the case would be nice as well, that way we could know what kind of card would fit in.

    My preliminary recommendation would be GTX 650 Ti along with a decent power supply unit, such as Antec VP-450. The combo would cost around $180 if you're from USA.
  4. Oh yea sorry, mixed up with another post.
    I agree with Suniua we need more info.
  5. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you guys.
    Height: 14 inches
    Width: 6.8 inches
    Depth: 16 inches

  6. Okay then - that looks like a sandybridge H61 motherboard. you only have a 230w PSU too :/
    I agree, get a new psu, over 400w, the higher wattage you get the more future upgrade potential you have.
    Also depending on your budget, get a GTX 650 / 650 Ti or a Radeon 7770.
    They should be the best parts for your current system :)
  7. The case looks great. You might or might not need a new power supply unit depending on your budget.

    $90 will get a card that doesn't use a lot of electricity and will work on your current power supply unit - it will let you play games at medium settings.

    $150 will get you a card and a power supply unit. Medium-high settings.

    $260 will get you a very nice card and a power supply unit, which will let you play most games on maximum settings.

    Of course, your budget can be in between those numbers. I've given them for the purpose of showing you what you have to gain by spending how much money.
  8. If i can work out Dollars correctly then ^+1
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