Need help with random crashes and screen artifacting

I've been having a few BSOD and more ofter my screen will get all scrambled with random colours (artifacting i think is the term?).

Asus m4a78t-e
Asus HD 6870
Amd phenom II x6 1090t
antec TP 650w
windows 7 64bit

So far i have tested my ram with Memtest86 I would get errors on two of the same slots with any stick of ram and the rest of the slots i wouldn't get any errors. I tried re-installing my video drivers and i'm up to date with all my drivers

my suspects that it's my mobo or my gpu or psu but i would like some advice I take my pc to a technician in which i'm completely capable of doing myself
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  1. does the memtest give you error? also try to check your hd6870 in another system artefact color lead to graphic card also you could use this to see what it will report on bsod
  2. If you're getting errors in memtest, then obviously your RAM slots are the problem (or part of the problem). Try putting your dimms in only the slots that are not giving you errors. If you still have artifacting, I'd run memtest overnight. If you still have problems, I'd then run Prime95 overnight.
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