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6950 graphics driver won't update to 9.x

Hi all. I'm trying to update my 6950 to the latest set of Catalyst stuff so I can do accelerated Photoshop OpenGL, but the driver doesn't successfully update.
I've tried (a couple of times) downloading and installing the latest Windows 8 64-bit 6900-series driver package, Catalyst 12.10, from AMD. The installer appears to run normally, and it says it's installed successfully, but even after a restart Device Manager lists my current driver as 8.97, and Photoshop still doesn't recognize the card.
This Photoshop issue is almost always a problem with an out-of-date driver, according to the Internet.
I tried uninstalling my old driver with Driver Fusion, which seemed to work (the resolution was wrong after a restart), but after reinstalling the driver I'm still at 8.97.
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  1. did you try the 12.11 beta one ?
  2. Nope. Do you think it'd make any difference what version I'm trying to upgrade to?
    Note: Also, Catalyst, isn't showing me any graphics options right now. It used to have tons of stuff; now it only has CPU options.
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    i worth to give a try since this is a higher version of the 9.01.8 driver in it and they repair some bug
  4. Oh, right. Tom's reminder. I installed a Windows Update item that had something to do with AMD and the problem went away: my driver now displays the correct number, and Catalyst has all the graphics options again.
    Thanks for your attention, anyway. Free Best Answer!
  5. with your answer w will surly hp som othrs who had this issue ,enjoy it.salutations to you kajabla.(this is your cat nice one )
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