i was getting 200 fps, updated the game to Panda and it droped to 50, dont mater what i have the settings to in the game, it stays at 50,,, help please I have

i7 2600k
550 ti Nvidia

just upgraded to Windows 8, still no change in the fps, still at 50 long cry from the 190 to 210 I was getting
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  1. Disable the addons!

  2. I have done that, remember its a clean install, cause I installed Windows 8 :pt1cable:
  3. To put it simply
    Wow's graphic's engine is old, they may overhaul some of the graphics to make it look better with each expansion but the backend driving it all hasn't really changed since the original came out. its very old and it's showing its age with crappy fps for effects that newer engines can run without effort
  4. At what settings are you running it? Remember, if you ran it on high settings in Cataclysm, you would have to run it at medium now to achieve the same frames per second: they improved graphics on ultra setting, and old ultra became high, and old high became medium.
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