Can you allocate different graphics cards for different games?

I play a game called APB reloaded. It has severe issues with the nvidia 600 series such as red screens of death, fps stuttering etc. I'm running a asus gtx 670 top, doesnt matter which drivers I use I still get these problems. However I also have a gtx 560 ti which will easily run APB, as it doesnt draw much in terms of GPU usage. My real question is can I run the 670 top for everything else but dedicate the 560 ti JUST to APB. My Mobo has 3 PCIE 3 slots so space is not an issue.
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    You would need a very healthy power supply to have both cards running in tandem. Boot up the PC with both plugged in and see what happens. If it works, you may be able to manually disable one card in the Nvidia control panel.

    I'm just guessing here though.
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