Faulty Motherboard?

Hey guys i really need some advice about my rig. It was a home build around a year ago and has run flawlessly all year. Around a month ago it randomly shut off and when i tried to turn it back on the fans would spin for 1/2 second then stop with no signs of life.

At first i thought it was the PSU so i bought a new one and tried that. This time everything lights up and seems fine for 3-4 seconds then it goes into a continuous power cycle.

I bought a new case so i could be sure the mobo was not shorting on the old case as a few screws were missing. Still the same problem. I then came to this website and tried everything on the post about things to check before you post about power cycling. Still did not resolve the issue.

After this i thought id try a new motherboard.

Unfortunaly the mobo arrived DOA but it did not power cycle (which means its not a PSU problem right?). After getting a different motherboard as a replacement i tried again and the same issue happened. I thought it must be another DOA board so i sent that one back aswell only to be told that its working on their end. This board ws sent back and the same issue is still happening.

Ive tried everything, breadboarding, changing/removing components.

Its got to the point where its just the motherboard, power button and PSU and its still happening, no CPU RAM or anything.

Ive tried all the advice that the company i bought it from could offer and its not made any difference. Im also reluctent to send it back again for RMA because last time i tried it and they said it was working i was charged a lot of money for (wasting their time).

What could be causing this problem?
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  1. Hi, What motherboard and CPU? Can you test the power supply with a different PC?
  2. Its an Intel i7 2600k and a Gigabyte GA-Z68AP-D3.
  3. and i dont have a spare PC around to test the PSU in.
  4. What CPU fan are you installing? Have you tested with the stock Intel one?
  5. no ive been testing with a non-stock. ill try the stock fan now.
  6. changing the heatsink fan is not making a difference. Thanks for the quick replys anyway :)
  7. Place the motherboard on top of the motherboard box, plug in the PSU sitting next the box, have the cpu installed with fresh thermal paste and stock cooler. Plug in motherboard speaker and short the power pins on the motherboard to boot without a power button. See if anything happens. If nothing happens, it most likely the motherboard is dead. since its around only one year old try return to store or contact the gigabyte support. (You are using that new PSU right?)
  8. okay im all ready to go but how do i short the power pins on the motherboard to start without a power switch?
  9. Where you plug in your power switch cable on the motherboard, take a key and touch the two pins to make a solid contact (Just for a second)
  10. ive just tried your suggestion and the same problem happens when i short the power switch pins on the motherboard it starts up for 3-4 seconds with all the LED lights and fans spinning but there are no beeps at all. After the 3-4 seconds it goes into power cycle.

    The thing is i dont understand is this motherboard was tested last week at the company i purchased it from and they say its not faulty. They even charged me for it not being faulty.

    Do you think they could of made a mistake?
  11. Could be, remove your CPU and cooler and try boot once again. (Plug your screen into the motherboard.)
  12. Thanks for the quick replys but unfortunatly its the same outcome. power cycles.
  13. I think what your forgetting is the settings that may of been set when the board was tested
    at the other end. I would reset the bios to its default settings first by the bios reset pins on the board.
    I would also make sure the cpu is seated right in the cpu socket as it may be slightly out of alignment and check there is no dirt on the contacts of the cpu or socket.
    Also do a check that the bios revison of the board is up to date, and old bios firmware of the board may be the cause, have a check to see if the bios revison number supports the cpu you fitted to the board. Make sure the 8 pin 12v supply from the pc is connected to the motherboard located near the cpu socket also, as it may cause the board to power cycle over and over again, and also check that the bios jumper pin is set to normal mode and not bridged to reset on the board.
  14. +1 Weaselman. Was going to tell Arnienia to do the CMOS clear and bios update next :P
  15. Revision F5 of the bios adds support for second gen core i7 cpu`s at 22nm so if the chip is a 22nm and the bios is less than revison F5 it may be likely the cause.
  16. To the fortress of Bios updating, here we go!
  17. thanks for the speedy suggestion guys. ive tried reseting the bios to default to no avail. Just contacted the company i got it from around 30mins ago and have arranged for one of their techs to come and fix it next week. i will post what the problem was as soon as its sorted. thanks :)
  18. Cool, good luck.
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