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Hi, i have just bought a i3-3220 along with a Gigabyte H77 motherboard. Is this a decent combination??? Also i want to buy a DX 11 compatible Graphics card good enough to play Crysis 3.

plz advice
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  1. I'd say yes. I would list a budget for the graphics card.
  2. your psu and monitor resolution?
  3. PSU is 450watts.. i dont mind upgrading it. Monitor is LED samsung 19inch. resolution is 1366x768

    on the budget around $160 - $200
  4. I'd suggest getting a 7770ghz edition or 650ti for your resolution..spending more than that is pointless..
  5. Get a 7770, good value for price. They said that Crysis 3 will melt computer so......... :P
  6. hahaha... any idea will this support windows 8.

    also just checked on sapphire 7770 cards. They have 3 models - which one of the below are you referring to

    1. HD 7770GHz edition OC 1GB GDDR5 (500 Watt Power Supply is required. 600WattPower Supply is recommended for CrossFireX™ System)

    2. HD 7770GHz edition 1GB GDDR5 (400 Watt Power Supply is required. 500WattPower Supply is recommended for CrossFireX™ System)

    3. FLEX HD 7770GHz edition 1GB GDDR5 (450 Watt Power Supply is required)

    in case of 1 & 2..do i need to get another / change my PSU.

    My mobo is GA-H77M-D3H.

    and lastly i guess the graphics card & motherboard/processor are compatible.
  7. Yes they are compatible..what is your psu make & model?
  8. Crysis 3 will be pushing the limits, but as long as you are on low res then a 7770 is a great choice. AMD is very underestimated in the graphics world and most of there cards come at great prices. Nix327's suggestions are spot on
  9. The 7770 gives decent fps for most games at 1920*1080 at low to medium settings..so i believe it can do much more than low settings at 1366*768. the 7770ghz edition performs better and the ones i suggested can also be oveclocked..here is a benchmark for the 7770.

  10. Well i underestimated this card. well he should be fine then on that res it's just it will never look as good as when played on 1920x1080 lol
  11. @Nix327 Not sure of the make of PSU - it came along with the cabinet.

    I was also a little tight on the budget else i would have gone for i5 & a bigger screen which has 1920x1080.

    Guys Your suggestions are helpful. I will go with 7770GHz edition - msi or sapphire depending on the price.

    one last thing; can i add another PSU internally / externally ?? (as my current PSU is 450w)
  12. You can try your old ps if it's a decent brand, such as antec, ocz, or corsair. Look for about 30 amps on a single 12v rail.
  13. ^+1
    PSUs that come with a case a generally not of good quality and can possibly damage your components..if you can afford it get a new psu like xfx 450 or corsair cx 500.

    edit: where are you located?
  14. I am from India. Typically I have never focused much on the PSU, but given the new graphics card I wanted to double check.

    I have already bought the PSU mentioned earlier and am not sure if i can get that replaced.. can i add another PSU with smaller capacity
  15. There is no case currently available that will permit you to add a second PSU.
  16. In india parts cost more than they do in US..200$ is like Rs 10,000..and a 7770ghz edition is already pushing your budget..its better for you to get a normal 7770 and a corsair cx 430..parts are cheaper when you get them from retail stores..

    this ones got a nice factory oc


    total will be around 10,000..but if you can afford to spend a little more then i would get either of these psus.



    edit: make sure that the case supports the form factor of these psus..i'm from india too..building a good gaming rig will burn a hole in the pocket here.. :(
  17. True that.

    Correct me if i am wrong, but I think there is not much of a performance difference b/w GHz edition or normal 7770 ? In that case i will go for the normal 7770. If a 7750 works for Crysis 3 may be i will then go for that to stay in budget as i am going to play the same in 1366x768.

    One more question, i3-3220, Gigabyte H77M-D3H, Gigabyte 7770, RAM 4GBx1 - this combination will be supported by a 450W PSU ?

    From ur suggestions I can see the importance of a good PSU. Let me check with the retailer if he will replace the current PSU (it came with the intex - mini ATX- cabinet).
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