Running 6970 and 7970/8970 on dual monitors?

My system is currently running a single Radeon 6970 graphics card with dual monitors, I would like to buy a second graphics card but not sure how they work together.

1) If I want to run 1 graphics card per screen can I use two different graphics cards (6970 and 8970 or do they both need to be the 6970)
2) If I run the setup so both cards are running on both monitors (not 1 card per monitor) ^^ does the same "as above" apply ^^
3) If I ended up buying a 3rd monitor to run on the two graphics cards, will they run fine on all 3 monitors

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  1. no you can't it's either a 6970 or buy a 7970/7950 so on so fort and xfire it to the same name (also works with different brands)
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