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I recently just replaced my power supply from a 450w to a 520w and I am having some heating issues with my Raedon HD 5770 card. Im thinking it due to the new style of power supply that I put into it which the fan blows down instead of out. To fix this I was thinking about buying this case:


Due to the fact that it has 3 built in fans, and also seems to have a better airflow design. I have this computer:


What I was wondering is will what I have in my computer now all be able to be moved into the case that I am thinking about buying? I figured that it would be a good idea to ask before I buy. Thanks in advance! :hello:
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  1. Video card was running around 70-80 celcius before the new power supply. With the new one installed its running around 95 while in games and 60 surfing the web. Maybe the video card is now getting the correct watts? If these are normal levels then I will not worry about buying a new case, but I feel like this is a little on the hot side.
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